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Arabic Recipes

Whether you’re looking for traditional Arabic recipes or hoping to discover something new to try with a Middle Eastern flair, you’ll find the perfect recipes to make with Sunwhite rice here.
Moroccan harira soup Moroccan Harira Soup > 1hr Harira is a traditional Moroccan soup made with chickpeas, lentils, and tomatoes. It’s sure to become a favourite recipe in your house. Iraqi Kibbeh Rice kibbeh > 1hr Kibbeh are popular throughout the Middle East. In this version you can choose which minced meat you wish to use. Stuffed Cabbage Stuffed Cabbage > 1hr These stuffed cabbage leaves are a traditional Lebanese dish that is healthy and delicious. Maqluba Maqluba with meat > 1hr Maqluba is a traditional dish from Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan. It’s often called ‘upside down rice’ because you flip the pot over and serve it when you’re done. Sayadiyeh Sayadieh > 1hr Sayadieh is a Lebanese dish featuring fish with rice and onions. It’s a hearty meal and full of healthy ingredients. Freekeh Freekeh with rice and chicken > 1hr Freekeh with rice and chicken is a delicious meal that will feed the whole family. Kushari Koshari > 1hr Koshari is the national dish of Egypt and is very popular because it is healthy, filling, and full of flavours. Sharkasiyah Sharkassieh > 1hr This dish has its origins in Turkish cuisine but has been adapted over the years this version is an Egyptian twist on it. Molokhia vermicelli rice Molokhia with Vermicelli Rice > 1hr Molokhia is a stew made from mallow leaves that is very popular throughout the Middle East. Lamb with rice Lamb with Rice > 1hr This traditional lamb and rice dish is rich in taste, fragrant and made with the right balance of seasoning and flavours. Okra With Rice Okra with meat and vermicelli rice > 1hr This is a version of Bamia – a Lebanese dish made with okra and tomatoes. Served on vermicelli rice, it’s a delicious dish that’s healthy and easy to prepare. Rice tabouleh Rice Tabouleh < 20 This refreshing dish is full of bright flavours.
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